GREENVILLE, SC – Following the continued mismanagement of the V.C. Summer disaster, businessman, conservative, and Marine John Warren released his plan Tuesday for solving the crisis as governor.

“This type of mismanagement would have led to an involuntary discharge in the United States Marine Corps and a pink slip at my business. As governor, I would fire the entire Santee Cooper board immediately,” Warren said.

“The people of South Carolina should not pay one more nickel for a project that was grossly mismanaged by Santee Cooper and SCANA.  It is not the job of the ratepayers to bail out these companies for their incompetence,” Warren said. “It’s clear that the politicians lack the courage to lead on the V.C. Summer disaster. I’ll do what they could and would not.”


  • Fire the Santee Cooper board of directors on day one
    • Day one of a Warren administration, John would fire the entire Santee Cooper board of directors for gross negligence, breach of fiduciary duty, and mismanagement of taxpayer dollars.
  • Stop payments immediately
    • Warren will submit legislation to ban any future payments by ratepayers for the failed V.C. Summer project.
  • Appoint a qualified board of directors
    • Warren would appoint an entirely new board of directors, including members with industry expertise.
  • Obtain both a forensic audit and valuation of Santee Cooper
    • Hire a competitively bid, conflict-free firm to perform a forensic audit of Santee Cooper in an open and transparent process.
    • Interview national investment banks that specialize in the energy sector for proposals regarding a sale of Santee Cooper, to include a valuation of the company.
  • Preserve the V.C. Summer site
    • Preserve the site for a future economic development project.
    • Sell the equipment on site (reports have valued the equipment at close to $1 billion)

John Warren is the founder and chairman of Lima One Capital, headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina. Lima One employs hundreds of people nationwide, including more than 80 in South Carolina. Warren served in the United States Marine Corp for four years and led over 300 combat missions during his deployment to Iraq. Warren and his wife Courtney reside in Greenville and have two sons, Stevie and Drew. The Warrens attend Downtown Presbyterian Church. To learn more, please visit