Political Outsider, Businessman, Marine Warren: “Enough with the corruption. We deserve better.”

GREENVILLE, SC –John Warren, Republican candidate for governor, released his plan Thursday to reform ethics laws in state government.

“Henry McMaster has failed when it comes to ethics. Governor Haley even said so herself when he killed income disclosures. Catherine Templeton is in the same boat – we have no idea how she made her “consulting” income,” Warren said. “We need a conservative outsider with business experience to fix our broken ethics laws, not career politicians and government insiders.”

Warren’s plan calls for full income disclosures for any public official being paid by lobbyist principals, punishment for corrupt legislators, transparency for public officials who call themselves “consultants” and ending the revolving door of government. Warren previously called for enacting term limits and ending no-bid contracts in his accountability plan. You can read the full accountability plan here.

“Right now, we have no idea who is paying our elected officials and political appointees – that is about to change,” Warren said. “My opponents are not going to change a thing because they have profited off this system. The people of South Carolina deserve true conservative reform.”



It is not enough for legislators and political appointees just to show their sources of income – they need to list every dollar paid to them by companies or organizations who lobby the legislature.

  • Mandate that every dollar paid to legislators and political appointees by organizations who employ lobbyists is published on the state ethics commission website.
  • Double the reporting requirement to force legislators and political appointees to report sources of income twice per year.


Legislators who use their office for personal gain should not continue to live off the taxpayers.

  • Cancel pensions for legislators who are convicted of corruption.
  • Force indicted politicians to pay for the special election caused by criminal charges.


For years, legislators have listed opaque occupations like “consulting” to get away with funneling corrupt dollars into their pockets. That needs to change.

  • Publish a list of clients and industries for any member of the South Carolina House or Senate who lists consulting as their occupation.
  • Ban legislators from serving on committees that regulate industries that are paying them.


Former full-time employees of state agencies shouldn’t get special privileges.

  • Two-year ban on former agency employees receiving contracts from that agency.
  • End no-bid contracts for all agencies – every dollar awarded to outside vendors must be competitively bid.



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