Pro-life leaders endorse Warren

GREENVILLE, SC Thursday, the Warren for Governor campaign released its statewide Pro- Life Coalition with 60 leaders of the pro-life movement.

“I have always been 100% pro-life. I believe that every person’s unalienable human right to life should be protected from the moment of conception.” said Warren. “As governor, I will sign any piece of legislation that crosses my desk that will further the protection of our state’s most vulnerable citizens, the unborn. As a Christian, I firmly believe that every human life is valuable and precious because each is made in the image of God. Every life should be protected from the moment of conception until natural death. That is why I believe there should be no exception to allow an abortion, save the decision to preserve a mother’s life.”

“I trust John Warren to lead our state in a way consistent with our values,” said Trey Ingram, pro-life advocate for adoption reform. “John is 100% pro-life and will fight for the unborn and the inherent dignity of every human life at every stage of life.”

Pro-Life Coalition:

Melissa Andrews, Spartanburg County
Marlene Bates, Florence County
Jeremy Bishop, Spartanburg County
Timothy Buttram, Charleston County
Gregg Casey, Spartanburg County
Marc Chetta, Greenville County
Allison Chetta, Greenville County
Micah Chetta, Greenville County
Pam Clemons, Florence County
Sarah Dinkins, Richland County
Stephen Dinkins, Richland County
Kenneth Fipps, Charleston County
Marcella Franseen, Greenville County
Becca Friend, Spartanburg County
Danny Grice, Spartanburg County
Gwen Groover, Greenville County
Charlotte Rhodes Hammond, Dorchester County
Michael Atley Hammond, Dorchester County
Michael Timothy Hammond, Dorchester County
Rebecca Holbrooks, Greenville County
Chase Holbrooks, Greenville County
Tamara Horton, Florence County
Trey Ingram, Greenville County
Kelli Ingram, Greenville County
Sandy King, Spartanburg County
Dan Kirsop, Greenville County
Linda Kirsop, Greenville County
Josh Lee, Florence County
Wendy Nanney, Greenville County
Tim Nanney, Greenville County
Kacey Nanney, Greenville County
Debra Ortt, Spartanburg County
Greg Ortt, Spartanburg County
Kris Parker, Florence County
MartyParker, FlorenceCounty
Karole Parker, Florence County
Susan Perrou, Florence County
Katie Pletcher, Greenville County
Christy Potts, Spartanburg County
Madison Rainey, Spartanburg County
William Renfrow, Spartanburg County
Lisa Renfrow, Spartanburg County
Tamara Rhodes, Florence County
Alan Rhodes, Florence County
Ethan Rivera, Florence County
Kelly Satcher, Richland County
Robert Satcher Richland County
Laurel Shaler, Greenville County
Phil Shumaker, Spartanburg County
Esther Smith, Greenville County
Joshua Styles, Greenville County
Cheryl Taylor, Greenville County
Allison Thomas, Greenville County
Amy Makayla Thomason, Dorchester County
Rebecca Truluck, CharlestonCounty
Ronnie Turner, Spartanburg County
Jeffrey Warren, Florence County
Kellie Warren, Florence County
Morgan Young, Greenville County
Julian Young, Berkeley County