Warren Tells Opponents: Return Santee Cooper, SCANA Dollars

Businessman, Marine Warren: “Special interests control my opponents, I am ready to take action for taxpayers on day one”

GREENVILLE, SC –Following the continued mismanagement of the V.C. Summer disaster, businessman, conservative, and Marine John Warren called on the other candidates for governor to return all contributions from Santee Cooper board members, SCANA and utilities.

“I am the only candidate to call for replacing the Santee Cooper board of directors and there is a reason for that: my opponents are taking money from board members, SCANA, and utilities.” said Warren. “Their judgment is clouded by special interests, but I have a plan to address the V.C. Summer crisis that starts with cleaning house.”

In February, Warren was the first and only candidate to release a full plan for addressing the V.C. Summer crisis. Warren’s plan is outlined below.Since January 2017, Henry McMaster has accepted more than $90,000 in contributions from utilities, Santee Cooper board members and SCANA. Catherine Templeton has accepted more than $12,000 from Santee Cooper board members and their families. A full breakdown of contributions is attached.

“Average taxpayers are being forced to pay for the mistakes of politicians and political elites,” Warren said. “It’s time for all of the candidates for governor to serve the people, not themselves.”


Fire the Santee Cooper board of directors on day one

  • Day one of a Warren administration, John would fire the entire Santee Cooper board of directors for gross negligence, breach of fiduciary duty, and mismanagement of taxpayer dollars.

Stop payments immediately

  • Warren will submit legislation to ban any future payments by ratepayers for the failed V.C. Summer project.

Appoint a qualified board of directors

  • Warren would appoint an entirely new board of directors, including members with industry expertise.

Obtain both a forensic audit and valuation of Santee Cooper

  • Hire a competitively bid, conflict-free firm to perform a forensic audit of Santee Cooper in an open and transparent process.
  • Interview national investment banks that specialize in the energy sector for proposals regarding a sale of Santee Cooper, to include a valuation of the company.

Preserve the V.C. Summer site

  • Preserve the site for a future economic development project.
  • Sell the equipment on site (reports have valued the equipment at close to $1 billion)